TIP: Getting Rid of a Stuck Pin

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The best tool that I've found to take care of a stuck pin is the Smith model #B-5035 Chain-A-Part (McMaster-Carr #6669K11) chain breaker. It consists of an outer barrel that clamps the chain, and an inner pin that actually forces the stuck pin out of the chain.

The first step is to pop off the other side of the link plate, so that you leave an exposed pin, as shown.

Next, place the SmithTool chain breaker over the stuck pin and tighten the outer barrel down so that it's centered.

Then use a box wrench or adjustable wrench to turn the screw clockwise, which pushes the middle pin down. At some point, it will get much easier to turn the screw, which indicates that it's been pushed all the way out of the link. It may or may not fall out of the bottom, depending on how oily the chain is.

You may need a pair of slip-joint pliers to loosen the outer barrel. Since the middle pin is kind of floppy, you may have to push it back in by hand as you turn the screw counterclockwise to reset the tool. This completes the operation. You should now have a clean chain end.